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Why Choose Us

One stop shop

Due to SDL’s impressive repertoire of cutting edge technology and skilled personnel, we can service any industry in any marketplace under one roof. We are regularly working with all grades of Mild/Carbon steel, Stainless Steel and Aluminium.

Our design and project engineers will take care of your project from the quoting and design process while our fabrication and production team will manufacture and produce your product or assembly to a high standard.

From precision laser cut and folded components to large technical fabrication projects, SDL has the capability to do it all in one location.

Our Services Include:

  • All Grades of Mild/Carbon Steel, Aluminium and Stainless Steel
  • Design and Engineering
  • Welding and Fabrication
  • Machine Shop
  • Sheet Metal Laser Cutting
  • Rotary Tube Laser Cutting
  • CNC Folding
  • Bead blasting and Metal Polishing
  • Additional Assembly and Finishing Services including:
    • Flow drilling
    • Countersinking
    • Chamfering
    • Tapping
    • Custom pressing and rolling
    • Clinch nuts
    • Nutserts
    • Rivets
    • Custom packing and kitting of components and fasteners
    • Fitting and Assembly of parts and components


High quality

We pride ourselves on manufacturing excellence to consistently produce high quality work to our high standards that we set for ourselves. We integrate in process quality checks throughout the manufacturing process to ensure that we deliver consistent quality finished products to our valued customers.  

Cutting edge technology

SDL has invested heavily in leading technology and equipment to enable us to provide superior manufacturing services and deliver products of ‘world class’ standard to our customers. From high accuracy sheet and tube lasers to precision forming press brakes, SDL has the technology to provide our customers with efficient service and quality products.

At SDL we are committed to growing our business through continued investment in the latest metal processing technologies available.

TC 2020 R Action RGB

Technical advice

We have a highly skilled team of engineers and technical sales representatives who are able to provide technical advice for our customers. Our engineers and technical sales team work directly with customers to help develop innovative ideas and provide technical advice to help our customers consider the best options and achieve the best outcomes for their businesses. 

Concept to delivery

Stainless Design will assist you every step of the way from initial concept, development or prototyping, through to the manufacturing, assembly and final delivery of your project. Whether you have an idea that requires design and technical expertise or you prefer to provide your own specifications, SDL will provide you with the expertise and support needed while your product moves through the development phase in order to achieve delivery of a final product that meets your requirements. 


Case Study: Liquid Strip

Stainless Design has recently assisted Liquidstrip with the development of their effluent treatment system. The video (see link below) gives an overview about the product and describes the support that Liquidstrip received from SODA, a local business incubator based in Hamilton.

The video showcases some of the conceptual design work and manufacturing capabilities at Stainless Design. We are proud to be associated with Liquidstrip and their innovative effluent treatment system.

Liquid Strip


SDL is committed to “doing the right things” in terms of environmental sustainability and the impact our operations have on the environment.

SDL was first awarded the Eco Warranty Environmental Standard in 2013, as assessed by International Certifications Limited. Eco Warranty is an internationally accepted environmental management standard (EMS) designed as an alternative to ISO 14001 for SMEs.

In order to achieve this standard, we have implemented and maintained exceptional environmental management systems in order to monitor the organisation’s environmental impact.

We take part in an Eco Smart Program in order to protect our shared environment and the overall well being of our employees, communities and planet.

The Eco Smart Program assists SDL to:

  • Achieve a certified Environmental Management System which is based on Eco Warranty 2010 standard (equivalent to ISO 14001)
  • Manage and reduce energy, waste, water and transport costs

Our progress is monitored through regular internal audits and an annual external Eco Smart audit to ensure we are continuously improving our environmental performance.

Eco Warranty ICL


SDL regularly sends products to overseas destinations including Europe, USA and Australia and is able to export your products to any destination by whatever means requested. SDL can do the ground work and organise export compliant packaging and freight on your behalf to deliver your products safely to their required overseas destination.

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