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TE OHO MAURI O TE RA - The Life Force of Steel - Our sculpture is a definitive part of who we are. It represents Stainless Design’s foundations, our links to the history of the region, and the organic material that we passionately work with.

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Stainless Design Ltd (SDL) is a market leader and innovator within the metal processing industry, servicing many industry sectors and supplying a wide range of components through to complete finished assemblies using all grades of Carbon Steel, Aluminium and Stainless Steel.


SDL was established in 1988 to service the stainless fabrication requirements of the Dairy, Food, Marine and Pharmaceutical Industries in the Waikato. Through our commitment to quality, continuous improvement and superior customer service the company has experienced substantial growth enabling us to become market leaders within the industry.

This growth assisted SDL to embark upon an aggressive expansion plan incorporating several departments to become a “one stop shop” for customers seeking innovative design solutions and metal processed products.


SDL has 5 functional areas:

Administration: responsible for HR, Payroll, Information Management Systems, Communication and keeping all other departments operating at maximum Efficiency;

Design Centre: includes our Design and Project Engineers responsible for coordinating fabrication projects;

Fabrication Centre: housing a team of highly skilled specialist fabricators as well as our Machine Shop and Finishing services;

Production Centre: comprising of our Laser cutting, Punching and folding capabilities as well as our additional services;

Stores: responsible for the company’s internal and external logistical operations and transportation of goods.

Stainless Designs executive team comprises of Engineering Manager Gordon Wallace; CEO Peter Pooran and CFO Steve McNae.

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The range of products and component parts manufactured by Stainless Design has increased dramatically over the past five years with the introduction of new technologies and expanded design capabilities. Stainless Design services a broader range of industries than ever before including sectors using materials such as Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Galvanised, Zintec and Aluminium sheet.  The types of products manufactured by SDL include: filters & strainers, various sized tanks, food processing machines & components and production parts for various industries including transport and aircraft parts to name a few.   

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Our niche is our ability to provide superior design and manufacturing services through our design engineers and our ‘state of the art’ technology. We are able to deliver products of ‘world class’ standard to just about any industry in any market place.  We are directly involved in the supply of new or re-designed existing products, to both new and established markets and offer a complete service from concept to finished product.

An increasing trend for SDL over the last few years, is that we are helping our customers to focus on their core competencies by allowing us to satisfy the manufacturing and fabrication stages of their value chain.  Often companies have persisted with running small internal fabrication teams that can often be the bottleneck for sales growth and a distraction for management.  We have successfully demonstrated in an increasing number of cases that, what may at first look a higher cost solution, actually removes a bottleneck which in turn allows for greater growth of top line sales and thereby delivering a better bottom line result.


SDL’s primary focus is to consistently deliver ‘in full on time’ for our customers.  We are constantly aiming to streamline our processes, reduce lead-times and maximise productivity through the guidance of Kaizen principles and Continuous Improvement initiatives.

SDL continually invests in new technology, specialist personnel, R&D capabilities and the development of smart information management systems and processes.

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