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Laser Cutting


Our flatbed Laser cutting service offers component manufacturing of all grades of Carbon Steel, Aluminium and Stainless Steel from one off items through to large batch manufacturing using high quality lasers that are second to none for quality, speed and accuracy.


Our Amada 4kW laser cutter has been engineered to produce the highest quality parts at unmatched speed while reducing operating costs and environmental waste which fits in well with our environmental policy.

The benefits of fiber laser technology are:

  • Faster cutting of thin material (well over 3 times that of a comparable 4 KW CO2 laser)
  • Ability to cut copper, titanium, brass and other such metals that CO2 lasers could not process effectively
  • The reduction of environmentally harmful emissions due to it's solid-state technology—which does not require laser gas to generate the laser beam
  • Less power is consumed than its CO2 counterpart. Since there are no optics to keep cool, a smaller, more efficient chiller further reduces the environmental impact of operation

3015 laser cutter

Amada Laser Cutting Range

Power 4000 W
Max Sheet Size 3.5m x 1.5m
Carbon Steel up to 20mm
Aluminium up to 12mm
Stainless Steel up to 16mm
Copper up to 6mm
Brass up to 6mm
Titanium up to 6mm


        Amada 3019


Our Trumpf 5kW Laser cutter have been developed to produce the highest possible cutting speeds, an outstanding cut quality, and reliable processes. Benefits include:

  • One cutting head for all sheet thicknesses
  • High laser power
  • Simple operating concept

 Laser 3030

TRUmpf LASER cutting range

Power 5000 W
Max Sheet Size 4m x 2m
Carbon Steel up to 20mm
Aluminium up to 12mm
Stainless Steel up to 20mm


Flatbed Laser2



Our 6kW Mitsubishi Laser features a high speed, heavy-duty motion system reducing processing time and increasing efficiency while maintaining reliability. It is especially effective with thicker materials up to 25mm allowing SDL to offer even more capabilities in our Laser Centre. Our Mitsubishi Laser also fits well with our Environmental Management programme as it offers an ECO Mode for increased energy savings and reducing running costs by up to 99% during standby. Mitsubishi Electric’s original resonator reduces CO2emissions by approximately 30% compared to standard high-speed, axial-flow resonators.


Mitsubishi Laser Cutting range

Power 6000 W
Max Sheet Size 3.5m x 1.5m
Carbon Steel up to 25mm
Aluminium up to 25mm
Stainless Steel up to 25mm
Brass up to 12mm
Copper up to 6mm


Mitsubishi 3015eXP new shadows 

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