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Stainless Design involved in Record-Breaking Electric Mustang Build

Stainless Design Ltd is extremely excited to part of Project Craz-E horse, where a team of specialist people are tackling a brand-new electric car build with the help of key suppliers to break a world record here in New Zealand.

Dubbed Project Craze-E Horse (the ‘E’ stands for Electric and the horse part stems from the mustang), the 2007 Mustang GT will be going for an electric vehicle world record and is set to do the 1/4 mile at Meremere dragstrip in an estimated 7.54 seconds at 326 kilometers per hour.

Stainless Design's involvement includes the supply of steel components and assemblies to assist in the build of this impressive electric car. Stainless Design has a strong relationship with MRX (Mitchell Race Xtreme) who have been appointed as the project managers and car fabricators and have chosen us as their main supplier. 

The car is set to be revealed at the 2017 CRC Speedshow, held this year at the ASB Showgrounds in Auckland on July 22 and 23. Further information including images, full specifications and history of the project can be found on Project Craz-E-Horses website: www.crazehorse.com

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