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The use of and access to this website is in accordance with the following terms and conditions which you are deemed to accepted by your accessing this website. All information available is, to the best of our knowledge, true and accurate. No liability is assumed by Stainless Design Ltd, our directors or employees for any loss suffered by any person relying directly or indirectly upon the information contained howsoever caused. Stainless Design Ltd reserves all rights to the intellectual property contained within this website. Any links provided are for your convenience and not to be assumed as an endorsement or warranty of the links provided.


 The words "STAINLESS DESIGN" and our logo representing “man's influence on metals”  are trade marks of Stainless Design. Use of these trade marks may only be with the written permission of, or written license from, Stainless Design.

NZ Trade Mark Appln No. 775859
NZ Trade Mark Appln No. 775860

From time to time Stainless Design will adopt and use other trade marks. These also shall be regarded as trade marks of Stainless Design, who shall enjoy protection also through trade mark registration and/or Common Law Rights.


Copyright subsists in this website and its content, and is owned by Stainless Design. Stainless Design creates and author original designs, in which copyright also subsists. As such, Stainless Design enjoys the protection offered by copyright law. This protection extends to most countries. No copying, reproduction, nor infringement of any work in which Stainless Design enjoys copyright ownership is permitted without the express written permission of, or license from, Stainless Design.


Any party who wishes to use or reproduce any work or intellectual property of Stainless Design may feel free to contact our office:

info@stainlessdesign.co.nz or phone +64 7 849 1005.

privacy policy

This is the privacy statement for Stainless Design Ltd (NZCN 409420) (as defined below, collectively as “Stainless Design Ltd” or “we” or “our” or “us”).

We respect each individual’s rights to privacy. This statement outlines how we may collect, use, transfer and safeguard your personal information and applies to any personal information collected by Stainless Design Ltd from any of the sources described in this privacy statement from time to time. To protect your personal information, we will not sell, rent or trade your personal information unless this is outlined within this privacy statement.

We may change, modify, add or remove portions of this privacy statement any time that is relevant for us. We will notify by posting a note on our website or if  practicable send an email directly to you. Unless you withdraw your agreement to this privacy statement by the following process outlined in this privacy statement, you are agreeing to this privacy statement and that Stainless Design can collect, use, transfer and disclose your personal information for the purposes described in this privacy statement by: (a) agreeing to this privacy statement, or (b) using the Stainless Design Ltd website, or engaging our services to manufacture or design. If, at any time, you disagree with a term or condition of this privacy statement, we ask that you: (I) advise us of your disagreement, (II) discontinue utilising our products/ and/or services, (III) cease providing us with information about you and (III) follow any instructions that may have been provided as a result of your disagreement, possibly including an explanation at the time of closing any account(s) you have with Stainless Design.

It is important for you to understand Stainless Design and our products and services in order to appreciate the purpose and use of personal information. Stainless Design was founded in Hamilton, New Zealand and we design and manufacture metal products for a range of industries in New Zealand and overseas. We have a broad range of capabilities and our capacity is limited and subject to change.

Purpose of collection and possible uses of personal information

The information we receive from you, including any personal information, may be used in some or many of the following scenarios:

  • Our suppliers, partners, subcontractors whose goods and services we may incorporate, sell or support.
  • Credit agencies involved in your purchases of goods and/or services (please note that we do not store your credit card details unless you consent to us doing so.
  • The development and/or modification of our goods/services/websites, content and marketing.
  • To respond to a query you have generated and sent to us.
  • Our distributors and resellers who may market and sell  our goods and services
  • To produce relevant statistics, reports and conducting market research.
  • Debt collection agencies or credit application reporters as part of the account setup and debt recovery process.
  • As part of the performance of our many business activities from time to time including (not limited to) the (a) operation, financing and governance of our business, (b) manufacture and distribution of our goods and services, (c) sourcing of goods and services from third parties, (d) issuance of invoices to supplier and customers (f) generation and assessment of reports, (g) creation, maintenance and protection of our intellectual property, (h) negotiation, performance and enforcement of our contracts) (i) legal and contractual obligations of our business and (j) recruitment.

We may also collect and use non-identifying information in the marketing and assessment and improvement of our goods and services.

The collection of personal information

We may gather personal information from a variety of sources including (but not limited to):

  • Directly from yourself through any form of communication between yourself and Stainless Design and our team. This may be received (a) verbally, (b) in writing (c) electronically (d) using a website, software, services or related link to access a Stainless Design employee contact.
  • Video footage or still images if you visit us on site. We operate surveillance systems throughout our site.
  • Indirectly would be from possibilities such as (but not limited to) (a) our distribution channel; (b) our partners; (c) Credit agencies; (d) Governments (e) publicly available sources  including from agencies such as the companies office, internet search platforms and social media platforms; (e) other employees, customers or users.
  • The personal information you share with us is able to be kept safe with our IT Systems and processes to ensure the data is only available to the relevant people who require it. Where CCTV systems are in place, we ensure footage is limited to staff who have a legitimate purpose to view and use it only. CCTV footage automatically deleted on a regular cycle, though in some cases, sections may be retained for longer where necessary.

If we receive personal information about you or another organisation or person, please be advised that we will make the assumption they have obtained your permission to provide us with this information.

Use of Cookies

A cookie, also known as an HTTP cookie, web cookie or browser cookie, is a small piece of data sent from a website and stored in a user’s web browser on their computing device. It contains data regarding the user’s activity on that website which may be retrieved and used by the website when the next user views that website using that web browser from the same computing device (for example, a website will know from a cookie whether the user is logged in or not, and under which account, the outcome of which will determine whether the website displays the login screen or another webpage). Cookies may also allow us to provide a better service to you because it enables the enhancing and personalization of websites and analytical website traffic patterns. The web browser you use may allow you to stop cookies from being saved. Please be aware that if you do not allow cookies to be saved in relation to our website, the website may not fully function as smoothly as you would like.

Public Postings

If you share personal information on a public website (for example through a forum, wiki, a blog, a social media group etc,) you may be making the information widely available to anyone also on that form of media. If you consider information to be personal and not for the public to read, we suggest that you refrain from sharing that information to sites available to the general public.

How to contact Stainless Design in regards to this privacy statement.

If you would like to get in contact with us in regards to this privacy policy because (i) you have some questions in relation to this privacy statement; or (II) you might wish to withdraw your agreement to this privacy statement (please note if you withdraw your agreement to this privacy statement we will ensure we protect your privacy by closing your accounts and removing information); or (III) If you believe that any personal information that we are holding about you is incorrect or incomplete and you cannot access our websites to update such information.

Please contact us using one of the following:

P O Box 10039


Phone 07) 849 1005

Email info@stainlessdesign.co.nz

This privacy statement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of New Zealand.

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